All characters past slot 8 gone

I know recently the number of characters you could have increased from 8. All of a sudden, all of my accounts, I only have 8 characters. What’s going on? I literally was trying to create a game with one of those characters, got disconnected, and when I reconnected, this happened. This is TONS of characters and godly gear that I have lost. Please help.


yep same here all my main ladder characters this season were slot 9 onwards…

seeing this as well. only 8 playable characters

Same boat. If those are all gone, that’s a lot of hours of my life out the window again. Hope it gets fixed

I just logged on both my D2 accounts and only see my top 8 characters. I am missing my other 8 chars on both account as well. Please help and fix this issue, I have a lot of godly gear and spend a lot of hours legit grinding levels for these characters.

Just a hiccup im sure ^.^ no way they would delete our characters on purpose, the question is, are they able to restore them fingers crossed . Lots of high runes lost on my non ladder, my dreams of getting enigma are shattered for this ladder season, bye bye ohm, sur, ist runes!!

This happened to me as well. I lost literally all my other characters except my main on NonLadder. I don’t play ladder, this is not a ladder only issue. All my mules and four high level chars gone in an instant?

Same here. Had 14 characters, now only 8. wtf happened ?

Same here. Only have my first 8 characters on the ladder.

I am sure our characters are still on our D2 accounts, its just the scroll function is not there to scroll down and can’t create new characters option. Blizz just have to fix these log in account screen functions for us.

on west you can still make past 8.

Prolly just a glitch.

HI jon.


Same here.


People are telling me that if you delete a char then ones below it appear. So, the chars are there, the scroll function is just messed up. Blizzard, please help.

Everyone on US East has lost their characters. I am righting on behalf of everyone in channel 1 of US East. BRING BACK OUR CHARACTERS NOW!!

hey is this coma that makes the runs? how come coma got offline? are there gonna be more runs?


Just got over all the incessant bannings.

im having the same issue there plz fix this blizzard i had a full druid and a full bowazon

I’m also missing multiple characters…

This tragedy has occurred several times in our long years fighting demons in the chaos sanctuary. Thus I only keep a maximum of 8 characters. So, for those who never cease judging me for rebuilding, I told you so!

me paso lo mismo con mi cuenta, al menos 2 años de personajes desaparecieron.

tha same thing, almost 2 years character just they disappeared