All characters from oauth?

Hello, excuse me if it’s an easy/stupid question, we are trying to get all characters from a player who use the oauth login on our guild website and we dont know how to do.
We have found script to get accestoken (oauth battlenet), we have script to find genre/class/achiev/etc. if we give the character name to the script. But… How can we find all the character if we only have the ID or the accesToken ?
In php :slight_smile:
Very few documentation, very few example, it’s very very difficult to find ressources…
Thanks a lot

Not really, at least for what you are trying to do. You can find all about character and user profile in the official documentation.

To get a list of a user’s character you must consume the first endpoint described in the link I provided (Account Profile Summary).

For the PHP part you can follow this thread.

Just a few hints:

  • There is no profile API for WoW Classic
  • Do not mistake an access_token with an authorization_code
  • Make sure you are using the authorization code flow to get access to a user profile.

Please take your time to carefully read the documentation and if you still have questions we are here to help.