Aggressive Email Campaigns for Sales


Is it just me or the new Blizzard Gear Store is really aggressive with their email campaign for Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales?

I checked my emails and I received 16 emails in the last 7 days, all from Blizzard Gear Store various sales. :confused: This is the one shop that has spammed me the most for sales during Black Friday out of the 15-20 or so businesses I get emails from.

Not only that, but if I try to find how to change the frequency of emails, the “Manage Preferences” option in those emails which I assumed would lead me to Email Preference options like most other websites only leads me to a page where I can register my personal information (for what, I’m not sure) or something about Teams? (also unsure of what this is for, Overwatch teams?)

I’m not a fan of the new website in general, but these aggressive email campaigns are starting to annoy me to the point where I might just unsubscribe because they are quite spammy. Could we get an option to get less emails from the Blizzard Gear Store? Or just make it so there’s less emails generated from the sales in general? :<

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Yeah I’ve gotten 19 emails from them in the last week, a lot of people are complaining about it on Twitter. The sales aren’t even anything special, it’s the same “save 20% off” coupons they’ve repeated since the new site showed up. It’s not like it used to be where the sales actually had significant discounts on items.

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Fanatics primarily deals in sports teams like football and baseball.

I agree the emails are a bit nutty in terms of quantity.

So far it’s the same 3 sales but “flash sale style” except they’re garbage sales.

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