Advice for Blizzard on Diablo 2 Remastered

In light of Warcraft 3 Reforged, I thought I would just throw this out here nice and early. I think it’s pretty likely that they’re at the very least investigating D2 remastered, so here are things for Blizzard to remember. I also doubt they’ll read this, but they can’t say I didn’t warn them.

Don’t make them. Finish the game and release it when it’s done. Your marketing team won’t be happy, but at least your customers will be. Saying stuff like “remastered cinematics”, and not doing it doesn’t look good.

Updated clients
Don’t mess with the original client. There is no need for the “it’s more work to maintain two clients” excuse. You don’t need to update the original client, leave it be. Add a second download option for the remastered edition. There are dozens of other games that have done this. No it won’t split the playerbase. If you do things right everyone will be too busy playing the remastered. But if something were to happen, we have the ability to comfortably return to the classic edition. This not only preserves the original experience, but also separates it.

Don’t screw over classic players
I play with the classic graphics in Brood war. I’ve been playing it this way for decades. I don’t want the updated visuals, but I do like the other enhancments (hotkeys!). Don’t make my experience worse because I choose the old graphics. WC3 doesn’t do justice for classic players. SC does a pretty good job. Diablo 2 should follow Starcrafts example.

If you don’t follow this advice, then more outrage is assured. A feature won’t pan out, a bug will present itself, someone will say something they shouldn’t, or the classic experience will degrade. So save yourself the trouble, and do things right.


How bout just focus on diablo 4 and make that game a better diablo game, no d2 remastered theres no need to - ban botters fix minor bugs.D2 should be left alone, the original crew isnt there to put the love in. Game is a antique as it is. Still playable after 20 years that’s a great achievement. People even play diablo 1 still, that’s a even better achievement lol

Don’t outsource and give a damn about it.

On this part, I’m in agreement. I don’t want a remaster, but just added content. Eyecandy is expensive, and contributes nothing to gameplay.

I’ll direct you to a previous thread, and ask your thoughts and input on the ideas there.


In that thread, I bring up a number of things I would like to see added as options, for those of us that would like them.