"Adventurer" name glitch still not fixed and I've essentially wasted my money because of it

I made my Blizzard account a long time ago through PSN. I now play on PC and when I signed into my account it had my name set as “Adventurer” by default. I thought nothing of it at the time, it was just annoying. Today though, I added money to my Blizzard balance to purchase some Overwatch event loot boxes for myself, and FOR MY FRIENDS BIRTHDAY, before they went away. It turns out the “Adventurer” name glitch stops me from being able to make the purchase with my Blizzard Balance. So now I have 40 dollars sitting in my Blizzard balance that I can do absolutely nothing with until they fix my name. It seems like a stupid system to not allow me change my real name, and an even more frustrating system that it requires my last name that “doesn’t exist” to make the purchase. I really hope you fix this problem for me, and the people who have the same problem. Blizzard should know somethings wrong with someone’s account when they don’t have a last name, and prompt them to fix it. Rather than leaving me uninformed until this point, then practically scamming me of my money.


I have the same exact issue did you get yours fix yet? i haven’t it’s been months now