Add support for GOG titles

For Blizzard games sold on GOG, it would be nice if you could support them in the Blizzard launcher. It’s counter-intuitive to have a dedicated launcher for Blizzard titles that doesn’t support some of Blizzard’s largest historic titles.


I fully agree with you. Unfortunately, today’s Blizzard doesn’t care about the real Blizzard’s largest historic titles.


Takes the contracts to update the games to modern operating systems and code away from GOG and puts it all back in the vault so nobody can play.

GOG has a contract with Blizzard. Those games are exclusive to GOG for the duration of that contract.

While folks can certainly suggest it would be nice to add GOG games to the launcher (I don’t disagree), there are contract issues to sort out first. Modern Blizzard is the one who made those contracts to ensure the games still would play on current systems. Accusing modern Blizzard of not caring - is not constructive as it is not the reason they are not currently on the launcher.

A good point, MissCheetah. That post wasn’t one of my best.

I’m admittedly quite annoyed at Blizzard for continuing to ignore Warcraft 3: Reforged, so that led to my comment. All of their RTS games have largely been left behind, and it is such a shame.