Add more songs to Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing Definitive Edition

Could you add more classic songs to Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing Definitive Edition?
For example:

Kiss “Detroit Rock City”
Riot “Road Racing”
Manowar “Wheels of Fire”
Sammy Hagar “There’s Only One Way to Rock”
Van Halen “Panama”
Motley Crue “Kickstart my Heart”
Don Felder - “Heavy Metal (Takin’ a Ride)”
April Wine “Roller”
Metallica “Battery”
Megadeth “502”
Anthrax “Metal Thrashing Mad”
Barón Rojo “El Pedal”
Hallows Eve “Speed Freak”
Exodus “The Toxic Waltz”
Iron Maiden “Speed of Light”
Black Sabbath “Sabbra Cadabra”
Deep Purple “Speed King”
Queen “Breakthru”
Rob Zombie “More Human Than Human”
Sammy Hagar “Heavy Metal"
Van Halen “Atomic Punk”
Kiss “Deuce”
Aerosmith “Nobody’s Fault”
Overkill “Blood Money”
Led Zeppelin “Rock ‘n’ Roll”
The Doors “L.A. Woman”
Pink Floyd “Run Like Hell”
Journey “Line Of Fire”
Scorpions “Blackout”
Queen “Football Fight”
Saxon “Nightmare”
Anthrax “Mad House”
Helloween “Halloween”
Iron Maiden “Transylvania”
Black Sabbath “Supernaut”
Dream Theater “Caught In A Web”
Misfits “Hollywood Babylon”
Sweet “Fox On The Run”
Blue Oyster Cult “Veteran Of The Psychic Wars”

And bring back “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath, there are many classic songs that will fit in the game’s ambiance
Thanks for this collection and thanks for your attention

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Have a good day