Activision please do localization for Turkish blizzstore

ım from turkey and our money is way decreased we really cant buy the new games,can you please localize the blizzard store and the costs of games for turkey just like steam and ubisoft store,we want to play the new released games and especially the new call of duty

add lira please ı would buy if it was slightly tweaked like steam,now ı cant buy anything anymore , the prices are literally insane right now with lira decreasing


I wonder the numbers of players in each country, surely Turkish players in top 5, at least top 10(for you). But do we have liras? Why not? This kind of attitude makes no sense and starting to feel like intentional. Please keep in mind that you have a lot lose and everthing to gain by not using our local money; not even mentioning that you guys simply closed your eyes for years and try not to see the possible market profits which this kind of “commitment” would bring. Just wanted to let you know, this shows mediocre management at it’s finest. Just holding on the to the wheel and trying not to fall while passing the missed opportunities of the journey, unknowingly.