Activision games feel seperated from Blizzard games

Why do i need a seperate login for Warzone when Im logined to Isnt it all Activision / Blizzard? It wasnt like this before? Im not siging up for yet another account.

They are separated. Blizzard Entertainment and Activision Publishing are separate companies.

The Blizzard launcher is being used as a device to sell and launch the game. Once you launch you are on Activisions servers playing Activision’s game. All support, gameplay issues, bans, patches, etc are handled by Activision.

Over top of Activision Publishing, Blizzard Entertainment, and King Games is Activision-Blizzard (ATVI) the stock holding company. That is a corporate entity with multiple separate subsidiaries. Some of those subsidiaries also own studios - Activision Publishing for example owns 12 other studios.

Yes - in that you always needed an Activision account to play Activision games.

No - in that you could not buy or download Activision games through Blizzard’s launcher. Blizzard did not have any connection to their games at all. That changed in that they use a common Launch app now for most of it, but nothing besides that.