Act 1 Normal Difficulty Exclusive

This last weekend I was doing an experiment, but unfortunately was thwarted by my son.

I wondered how high could you get a Diablo 2 character without ever leaving act 1 Normal. Never stepping foot into Act 2.

I was able to get as high as level 37, but when I was AFK my 5 year old son happened to pop on and delete my toon…

It felt like I could probably grind to 40 without too much of a problem. However, doing some research suggests that the xp I was getting at lvl 37 was going to flatline at lvl 38.

Character lvl difference /// exp %
6 /// 81%
7 /// 62%
8 /// 43%
9 /// 24%
10 /// 5%
Greater Than 10 /// 5%

I have found that Normal Cows are level 28(*), which means after hitting level 38, my xp gains would be at 5%. While it would make grinding longer, I still believe level 40 is definitely obtainable. I don’t think I personally would strive to push further then that.

The sad thing of it all, is that while being level 37. I was still having difficulty killing cows since I was a poison necro build.

  • 15 into Poison Dagger
  • 5 into Poison Explosion
  • 8 into Poison Nova
  • 1 into Lower Resist
  • 8 into Prerequisites

And my level 1 Corpse Explosion decimated, even though it had small range. I was excited that I would reach level 38 and would be able to equip Black Blackbog’s Sharp. If I ever could trade for it. But alas… it wasn’t ment to be.

(*) Cow monster level obtained from:

Well technically cows are act6 material since you can’t access them until you have killed baal.

Sorry but you cheated!

It’s more funner to see how far you can go in act 1 hell. I got to clvl 90.

True I can’t create the Cow level, but I can still “access” it.
Playing all things accessible in Act 1 is not cheating, and there is no such thing as Act 6.

I never had the Waypoint to Lut Gholein!