Act 1 Normal Difficulty Exclusive part 2

I created an Amazon and she also has never left act 1 normal, doesn’t have any act 2 wp.

She is lvl 40, half way to 41. Since the grind is slow I don’t do it much. But she’s geared in a way that she can swiftly complete an 8 player game solo normal cows without enchant.

I’m thinking of recording her, but don’t think the demand is there at all so I don’t.

She makes me smile and that’s what matters to me, btw she’s my low rune mule now.

Original post:


Funny you posting this now as tonight / this morning I’m building a single player throw barbarian. I’m farming Countess for runes and experience. I’m level 19 right now and have never crossed into the Tamoe Highlands. On /p8 it didn’t take long at all and I likely could farm the tower until clvl 25 without much stress of not seeing experience gain.

I’d suggest if you do this again with another character that you at least bug Andy by going out her portal and straight to Warriv and to act 2 without going anywhere else in between. This way when you do kill her from then on you are getting quest drops every time, but never have to go to act 2 again.

At clvl 19 he has a Stealth armour and a Nadir barb helm with +2 throw mastery.

Though I had no idea we could get our characters to clvl 40 in act one, I do know we can grind to clvl 80 in act 5 nightmare and clvl 90 in act 1 hell, we can also 99 just farming Chaos, or just Nilh, or just Throne/Baal. I hope that wasn’t a spoiler for you.

Very cool the grind you’re doing, I have huge respect for those who actually play the game.


I pre-determined to not do bugged Andy, since the mf on the toon was crap, I have other toons with much higher mf and speedy tele that get to her bugged version np. I like the fact, that I don’t even have Lut Gholein wp, and I’m lvl 40, more than a bugged Andy.


But you rely on people making cow level for you, must not feel very fun?

Unless you use another of your own characters to do it

When the ladder first started and in game chat worked, bots would make cow games all the time, but yes, I have a toon that can make the cow level as much as i want.

Still, even crap mf or zero mf with a bugged Andy is gooder. Either way, good job.

Edit: I’ve attempted to see how far I can level my throw barb including killing uniques and champions from way point to Andy. To go from 22 to 23 it’s going to take me about 7-8 runs. It’s a lot of work, but I’m doing it with 38 mf thus far so I’m hoping for a lot of low level sets and uniques to patch some holes in my Holy Grail quest. 12 runs have yielded me 2 needed items.