Account temporarily supended by mistake?

Hello Friends,

my second account was temporarily supended Bluepiggie#2597.

I am the leader of ono of the top3 clans at Areat Summit. My level is 65+ and top lvls on server are around 70lvl. I have mute ban, cos people report me for spamming, while i ignored chat in game from begin and using just discord. Now i propably got a ban, while i did nothing wrong.

I NEVER used any Bot or macros to cheat the game. I was staying in library same as most of people, but again i never used anything to cheat.

Some people says its cos of many people on server reporting our clan cos they jelly and they want to take us down.

Now we have one of the strongest clan on server without leader. I cant reach anyone at ticket and blizzard banned people who have mute or ban to forum. I didnt receive any info from blizzard not a single messege or email.

What a great service for paying players. I belive this is just stupid mistake and you will solve this fast.

Piggie The leader of Lootea Squad, Arreat Summit

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Hi Piggie

Why do you think your account was suspended by mistake? Whenever I visit Library, you and your squad just stand there while doing all the primary attacks and skills. Are you suggesting that you are not using the left joystick to move around? 24 hours a day? Because that would be amusing.


LOL do you honestly think that Blizzard cant see what you have been doing LOL. You may wanna try lying to other people, not people who understand the tech and the reasons for it lol.

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