Account Recovery

Sometime in the last 24-36 hours my Blizzard account login has become ‘unfindable’ on Blizzard servers. I have the Owner’s name, e-mail, BattleTag and password for that account, as well as an e-mail record of the only non-Classic game I have purchased (Diablo III).

I created a new Blizzard account this evening, using the same Owner’s name and e-mail. I want to recover the use of my first account. Is there any way to reach an actual person with Blizzard Entertainment? I imagine this is a simple enough fix and am hoping to find some assistance. Please don’t refer me to a support article. Some actual person will have to verify the details of my previous account. Any suggestions on where to start?

Hey, ZergChow! It appears that our Customer Support team was able to be reached. Please continue to work with our Customer Support agents for any concerns with account recovery or account concerns.

For privacy and security reasons, account and billing issues are not handled through the forums. Please contact our Customer Support team for further assistance.

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