Account Permanently Banned - No Explanation

I see others have had this issue as well. I’ve only been playing 9 days and I rec’d this email today regarding my account being banned. There was no explanation attached, other than to review the code of conduct. I reviewed the code of conduct and still have no clue as to why my account was banned. How do I know if I’ve done something wrong? How do I know if I’ve been hacked? How do I know why you took the actions you took? I know most IT people have very poor social skills, but does your staff not possess enough intelligence to add additional information ie “Your account has been banned due to the following reason…” If I’ve violated your policy, then I’ll own up to it, but from the information in the code of conduct, I didn’t see anything that I have done during the past 9 days. I don’t use bots and don’t even know how. I’ve only had about 3 conversations and never with inappropriate language. I assume my character names are appropriate or you system would have rejected them during creation. I simply have no clue as to your ban. Although, I’m a little frustrated regarding your ban; I’m more concerned that someone has accessed my information, but I have no way of knowing that, since you have failed to provide any information regarding your actions. Please provide additional details regarding your actions to my account email, so that I may verify no other actions are needed on my part.


Blizzard does not discuss account actions via the forums. The email you were sent should have contained the general category of the infraction (third party software, exploiting, language, abuse of the economy, etc.). They won’t tell you exactly what specific software was detected or rule was broken.

If you feel the penalty was in error, you will need to appeal via the website ticket system. They are not going to give you details, but will review the penalty to see if the account does have the infractions noted or not.


Action Taken: Account Closure

Recent activity on this account has shown various actions deemed inappropriate for Diablo: Immortal. These actions violate our Code of Conduct. () and create an unacceptable detriment to our players.

Due to these violations, we have permanently closed your Diablo: Immortal account. Blizzard will not transfer or compensate any purchases or in-game value lost as a result of this closure.

As the account holder, you are responsible for all activity on the account. We issue suspensions and closures to protect our players and our service in accordance with the

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Huh, that is different. Normally there is a category - unless this is for names/chat. Just because you can make a name, or say something, does not mean it does not break the rules. The player content rules (names/chat) are very PG for all Blizzard’s games.

All you can really do is appeal that.

Another possibility is as a result of Blizzard changing the criteria for what was deemed to suspicious trading on the Marketplace (this change happened a few months ago). In Diablo Immortal, when a hero lists gems on the Marketplace at way above / way below the usual value they sell for, this is deemed suspicious as it tends to be mains/alts exchanging gems to result in the main getting cheap gems and platinum from the alts.

Is trading between mains and alts not allowed?

Help my account is suspende for no reason i love the game, i dont no use program, i do not chat , pls reviw my case

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MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff. The most I can do is provide information and support links for you. Please scroll up and use the link to the appeal article. That will tell you how to put in an appeal ticket.

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