Account locked due to bank chargeback

Hi Blizzard! I have opened a ticket and the number is US88116673 about my situation.

It`s been two days now that my bank accidentaly refunded two legitimate purchases that I did on the same day with my credit card. They were purchases with the same value due to the biggest packages for sale in Diablo Immortal being the 15.000 Eternal Orbs pack.

After 24 hours from the original purchases, in the exact moment my cellphone poped up the chargeback message from the original purchase, my Diablo Immortal account was blocked from logging in and the only e-mails that I got about this situation were the chargedback e-mails from blizard in the same moment instructing me to get in touch with support to reprocess my transactions, and letting me know that my account was blocked from logging in until they reprocess my transactions via ticket support.

I already corrected this mistake with the bank, did new purchases via another payment method to make sure everything will be fine but for some reason I can`t get a response via web ticket to unlock my account.

Please, there are any thing I can do do make this process a little faster? It really seems like a semi automated ban for security reasons, which I fully understand. What gets me is the support time, that makes me extremely frustated as a player and a consumer as I don`t seem to get a single response from the support ticket.

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure I am trying to make contact with Blizzard by any means possible to correct my bank`s mistake but I am just feeling the lack of support in this case. Thanks in advance.