Account locked - Can't solve

Hi, name’s Jack and I have a problem with my WoW account being locked.

Now, I have went over all the guides telling me that in order to unlock my account I simply need to reset my password. After doing that twice and logging out than logging back in I still have not been able to remedy the situation.

So, I went to send a ticket to the support department to get some help, but for some reason they need to double verify who I am by asking for a PHOTO OF MY ID. It says that I need to pick a verification option but the only one I have is sending them this photo. Now, pardon me if I seem upset by this, but I find this a complete breach of my privacy. I absolutely refuse to send them a picture with such sensitive personal information.

All I want is to open up my ancient wow account so that I can play wow classic with my friends. Why is that so hard???

Who can help me with this?

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