Account hacked(email and password got changed)

realized my account was hacked the email and password got changed and all my emails from blizzard are missing and not a trace i have an id from when i was like 13-15 i didnt get a new id i turned 18 this year and im worried it won’t work for the verification i had family and friends report the account for being hacked please blizzard staff if you see this please tell me if my old id will work the account battletag is Dorogon#1942 it has my real name for it but im scared it would be changed and i have no way to verify it please help me idk how this happened will my expired id work or will i need a new one i also have a passport card but that is also from when i was around 13-15 please help (i can tell this was deleted please comment blizzard please)

MVPs don’t work for Blizzard but I can point you in the right direction.

The only way to deal with a compromise is to first clean up your computer and secure your email and other accounts. They normally get into your email as well.

Then you need to submit a ticket for recovery.

The acceptable methods of ID are listed here

Do passport cards work for id?