Account Hacked TWICE

My Account was hacked late last night, received an email that my authenticator had been removed from my account and moments later all my account information was changed. I was able to get back into my account through my phone number and change my email and my password. It would not let me reapply my authenticator as the site for my blizzard account on kept crashing (probably the hacker looking back on it). Then, when I woke up this morning, my account was hacked again using the same email as the first one that it was switched to during the first hack! How was that even permitted to go through when it was changed back to normal so quickly the first time!? I can no longer use my phone number to get back into my account so now I am fully locked out. I submitted a ticket using this account, but by the time I hear back, all the damage to my account will have been done.

Hopefully they restored your items and gold back to your account since you were using an authenticator.