ACCOUNT HACKED (please blizz give this a read)

2 days ago, I tried to log into my account to play some WoW. When I opened the launcher it said my login session has expired. “No biggie, ill just log back in and play.” Boy, was I wrong. PASSWORD IS INCORRECT My password has been the same since my mom made the account in 2010 (I’m 14 just so you know.) I don’t have access to her email, as she passed a few months ago, I can’t give a photo of her driver’s license, and Blizzard is waiting 15 hours in between responses. I went over to the EU forums and this seems to be a reoccurring problem for people. Please Blizz, do something about this. This is a serious issue and its not just me. If anyone can help me out, please reach out to me. And no blizzard, no one else has access to this account other than me and my father. I didn’t share it, and no, I didn’t change the email or password, so don’t just say “don’t account share lmao sucks to be you” and close the thread.

I’m afraid you won’t get any help here since this forum has nothing to with customer support. Please go through the official support channels, it is the only way you can get your account back. You can find links to those channels on our forum guidelines .