Account hacked on wensday at 21:25

Hello my account was hacked I made a few tickets and still no reply I have all proof that I’m the holder of the account I have a email from wensday at 21:25 that my details were changed can I please have a contact number or some way off contact form because I have a lot of money spent on my account need asap would be much appreciated

This forum category is for Blizzard Web APIs only. Nobody can help you with support through a forum as stated in the forum guidelines.

Keep in mind this is in no way an official response, as MVPs are not associated with Blizzard, but here are a few info that might help.

Unlikely, probably it was just stolen by someone who exploited bad user habits regarding security (sharing accounts, using the same email/username/password across multiple services, using infected devices, etc). Actual hacking would mean Blizzard services were compromised and led to data leaking, which is probably not the case.

Should have created only one, creating multiple tickets will just add more work for Blizzard support team and may even get flagged as spam.

As far as I know Blizzard does not currently have any other means of support other than the ticket system.

Blizzard response time on tickets are not always the same and might take longer than expected, but you’ll probably get a response and providing you give all the required documentation you’ll get your account back.

That said, make sure you find out what caused the initial problem and take some preventive measures to make sure no one can still have access to your other accounts.
Whoever took your account probably also had access to the email associated to that account.

I suggest:

  • Use a tool to check if your email was compromised in any major leak:
  • Change all your account passwords
  • Make sure to have two factor authentication on everything possible
  • Never use the same password on multiple accounts, that way if one gets compromised the others are still safe.
  • Regularly scan your devices for malware/viruses.

For Blizzard:

  • Use the mobile authenticator
  • Enable the SMS protection

I wish you good luck and I hope you get your account back soon.