Account Hacked - Blizzard Won't Respond

I made a post here a few days ago about my main account that got hacked. I have made a few tickets listing out exactly what happened in hopes that blizzard can help me recover my account. It seems that my email was compromised which is how the hacker was able to bypass my authenticator and change all of my information. I fear the hacker did a lot of damage to my WOW characters (Retail and Classic) during the time he was able to be on my account.

I have received two responses from blizzard on my ticket; the first telling me to prove my identity to see that I’m the rightful owner of the account, which I have done. The second response told me that they locked the WOW portion of my account, and told me that they would unlock it once I changed all of my information to secure my account. The only issue is that my entire account has been banned due to whatever the hacker did while he was on it.

I have since responded customer support in the same ticket that I can’t change any of my information with the ban currently locking me out of my account completely. This is a very aggravating process because I have to wait 48 hours or more to get a simple response back. Even more so when that response provides me with the wrong information on what to do.

I feel very stuck now, and I am starting to suspect that I will never get my account of thirteen years back. I understand that blizzard may be backed up with tickets right now, but you would think that it would take less than a week for them to respond properly to me, especially when it comes to an entire account being hacked!

I’m writing here for some advice on what I can do next, if there is anything I can do other than wait another week for a proper response. I am already going to miss the launch of WotLK classic release which I have been strongly looking forward to since the announcement. It deeply saddens me that blizzard appears to not care enough to give me even a slight notion as to what is going on with my account over the week long time since I first submitted my ticket.

I would appreciate any advice anyone could give. If this has happened to anyone else here, It would be great to hear your experience with this, such as how long it took to fix and what steps you took to get there. Any information would be great honestly, as I haven’t gotten any from Blizzard.


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The WoW Customer Support forum serves as an Information Desk. You might get more guidance there.