Account hacked blizzard asking for photo of myself and ID

my account has been hacked, i’ve had to spend the past week watching them change information and make purchases while blizzard slowly responds. they are now asking for a picture of my id held up next to my face. i am hesitant to send this kind of information especially because the accounts email has been changed to a new unknown email to me by the hackers. so my concern is that a copy of our conversation is also being forwarded to that email and any information i provide is being seen by the hackers. does anyone have any experience with this?

they have changed the email, security information, account holders name, account name. i desperately need to talk to a human rather than wait 2 days for an automated response each time.

Usually, Blizzard only communicates with you through their support site at… if that request is coming directly in your e-mail (the request, not the notification)… then yeah… I would be very suspicious too.

On 2nd thought… that sounds pretty suspicious. When submitting photo ID to Blizzard, you need to hide some parts of it. See this Support note for details:

How would “a picture of my id held up next to my face” be helpful to Blizzard ??