Account hacked AND THEY WAIT 2 Days to fix

battle net is trash they take forever to respond to you they are using the virus as an excuss to take longer and this is the 4th time my account has been hacked i wish there was another place to buy cod games from instead of this place bacuse they took so long the person has pulled out 200$ ou ff my card and i had to cancel it THANKS BATTLE.NET

Please be aware that the CS team handles all tickets for all Blizzard games and services. They do tend to be busy, even at the best of times. This week is a holiday in America as well.

That you have had your account compromised 4 times is very concerning. That means someone has access to your PC, email, passwords, etc. You need to clean up your PC and figure out HOW they are getting your email/password information. Phishing? Malware? Used the same email/pass on another website? Until you stop the compromise all your accounts are at risk for everything.

Before you even consider trying to get back into it, you need to secure your computer and your accounts.

  1. Scan with an updated copy of a decent antivirus.
  2. Scan with an updated copy of anti Malware - like Malwarebytes free version.
  3. From a computer you know is clean, change your email password - they are often in there.
  4. Change any other passwords or accounts that you are concerned about. If they had malware on your PC then they likely have more of your account info to use or sell.
  5. When you regain access to your Battlenet Account, you need to set up the Authenticator and SMS messaging service. That ensures that any strange logins are challenged and you have to approve them - even if the steal your password from you, they still can’t get in. Authenticator - Blizzard Support Remember to write down the Serial number and Restore code so you can re-install it if you change phones or do a reset.
  6. Once you have access and everything locked down, create a NEW email that you use only for Bnet. Write it down and the password. Select one that has two factor authentication like Gmail. Set that up. Again, that protects you from malware.

That should get you to a place where your account is as secure as it can be unless someone has your email address/password and access to your phone.

They can’t get your card number or verification code from Blizzard. That information does not show up in the dashboard, esp not the verification code. To spend money using your card they would have to obtain your actual card info in full.

Also be aware, that if an account continues to have access issues, Blizzard will close it.

Note: MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff. MVPs do not speak for or represent Blizzard.