Account hacked and i cant login

yesterday 7/27 i was on warzone for a bit then i noticed it was seriously slow. so after a hour or so of troubleshooting i decided to do a factory restet incase it was a virus. after the reset (1.5hr later) i tried logging into my acc but it keeps telling me that my email adress and even phone number is not associated with the account. i sent multiple support tickets through blizzard but they hit me with the “Hello,
We are unable to process your request (Case Number 586242409) because we did not find the Activision account you are attempting to recover with the information submitted within this request.” My blizzard acc is connected with my xbox acc so i can see my acc on callofduty site but not blizzard site or its app

There are two different paths depending on which account was compromised. First - make sure you are using the right email - sometimes people have more than one account and mix up the emails on them.

If you are trying to recover a Blizzard account, you need to make sure to put in your ticket with Blizzard, not with Activision.