Account got stolen

I check my email and it says my email has been changed, blizzars tells me to login to fix that.

How the f*** can I login if my account got stolen ? What a bulls**t system is in place ? I even got 2 step verification on.

Okay I send an email to support, with my info, purchase history, used battletags, THE F***ING EMAIL THE GUY THAT HACKED ME IS USING, still no response.

For crying out loud, i got my credit card info in there, will I be refunded for any purchases ? What will happen ? If he deletes my account, do I get my stuff back ?

I checked the forums and is taking 10 to 12 days for an answer ?!?!?

This guys is going to have a f***ing field day at my account.


Do you have an update for us? :open_mouth: