Account Compromised

So today is June 10th 2021. Yesterday on June 9th 2021 I was playing warzone on blizzard perfectly fine. But today my account was deleted. My account got deleted with no explanation and I spent a lot of money on warzone which is the game I played specifically. The email to the account was [redacted] and I am using the same email to post about this issue I believe my old gamer tag was [redacted] not 100% but I’m sure about the 1’s. I’m using the same name “GhostMage” but if you could email me and help me get my old account back that would be greatly appreciated cause I don’t want to start from scratch. Thank you.

Remove your email! That is part of your personal information that helps hackers.

If your Blizzard bnet account was compromised you need to work through Blizzard.

If your Activision account was compromised, you need to work through Activision.