Access d2r without pc requirements

Hi, I hope this topic gets to the admins, this topic is a request. As everyone already knows the game Diablo 2 Resurrect has a list of requirements for the game to work on a computer, but not everyone can achieve the minimum required, for example I’m one of those I have a w10 i3 processor and a radeon 6570 video card, the game has the “Legacy Mode” which makes the game turn into an old version equal to “d2 lod”, so my request is this: that blizzard if possible allow to start it already in “legacy mode” allowing people who don’t have achieved what is required in the requirement to be able to play. This will bring more players to blizzard, ie it will bring more money to blizzard, for now I’m playing old d2lod, but I already have the license to play d2r.

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totally agree… i would like to play on my laptop but i cant cause of that… please allow us to run the game in legacy mode

I can’t play the game either, but I don’t think they are looking backwards. They are looking forwards and have no plans to integrate older technology into D2R.

The minimum system requirements are necessary even to play the 'Legacy" mode in D2R.

So, I’m planning to upgrade eventually, but cannot at this time.

Remember, there are new forums for D2R for continued updates…

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