Abyssal Curses bug or not?

I don’t know if this is the proper place to put this but it was the closest category I could find. My first problem is as a mobile player I have a high-tech gaming phone. It’s a Nubia red magic 7s pro. It’s got the latest of everything. And it has a refresh screen of up to 170 Hertz, but I noticed on the new feature they put in as a mobile player I can’t click on it because it brings up the languages thing. So it will not let me switch to high graphics or better resolution or whatever you want to call it.

I know you guys must be aware of it because Zeddy snd Regis both mentioned it, and you’ve been putting out hot fixes that were supposed to fix things although they didn’t like the queen asara/brand and nelly/brand crashing the game. So I was just wondering if a blue could come in here and give some type of timeline on when US Mobile players get update our resolution. I also would like a blue to come in here and answer the phone question.

One of my favorite decks that I have been working on is curse warlock which I use the abyssal curses and curses of agony to kill my opponent. For the first time the other day I played against the quest Hunter and I noticed that every time I gave him an abyssal curse and it damaged him it also proced part of his quest because it was in his hand. So every time I gave this guy a an abyssal curse it would just move along his quest faster and before I knew it he had cabbage down on like turn five because he didn’t have to play any mana to proc his quest. This can’t be an intended interaction right? Can a blue weigh in on this?

Finally just one idea on how to make the abyssal curses better is that they stayed right on the card text each curse is worse than the last. So why not have the first curse do one damage and one Mana to get it out of your hand and the second curse deal two damage and cost too mana to get it out of your hand, and so on and so forth until the 10th curse which deals 10 damage and cost 10 to get out of your hand that would actually make them viable instead of more of a meme deck. Anyways just a thought that maybe you guys could use since the balance of the game is completely out of whack and there is three classes that are dominating and all the rest are barely playable.

So to summarize I just wanted to know if US Mobile players will be able to change our settings anytime soon or if the language thing is going to keep coming up? As well as knowing if it’s an intended interaction for hunters quests to be procced by giving them abyssal curses and then having it deal damage to them from their hand counting as a quest proc. And finally just wanted to give you the feedback on how to make the abyssal curses better. Thank you for your time and if a blue could come in here and comment on this or if anyone else would like to comment on this I would welcome the discussion. Thank you all and have a great night.