A weird phenomenon

I wonder…
With all these strange and temp realm downs, d2jsp’s trade forums appear to be thriving. As large scale bot operations are repeatedly temp timed out, the smaller bot operations are increasing their wealth. In a way, that is a good thing. The small fish are evolving into mid-sized fish.

But, it kind of goes counter to any anti-bot implimentations. I keep seeing legits getting discouraged as they try to mule one or two items only to get a lengthier time out than the small bot operation runners. Sometimes, going against the people and the shops that game the system may lead to harming the healthier community of legit players.

Well, things may change in the not too distant future. The game is still hella-fun.

(✿ ͡◕ ᴗ◕)つ━━✫・*。

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as far as i can tell its business as usual over on jsp

there does not seem to be any shortage of botters

i dont think blizz has done anything. i do not see a single difference as of yet


The thing about the regular jsp botters is they tend to accumulate the majority of the forum gold, but they don’t return that forum gold back into the D2 community often. So as fg becomes scarce after the economy tanks, users are inclined to buy more forum gold around the time of resets.

JSP always wins, but no bot talk allowed, because, well, maybe they have an arrangement with Blizzard.

I mean, I was asked in an email form a Blizz Classic Games developer when I pressed them about the use of jsp… “how else will players trade?”

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I Just looked at the posts and it seems like the people who had 24/7 shops (fully automated shops) are all inactive. Those are the people with armies of bots. So many bots they could literally let people order as many items as they wanted and not run out.
Don’t know if they were banned, but after a quick search i saw that none of them posted in the last 2-3 days.

This is good for the economy, it means that runewords like enigma and infinity will keep their value for a while longer.

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All jokes aside. Back in the day when clans ran the chaos and baal runs, we still raged against people who “touch the seals”.
If you didn’t make the game just stay back and don’t ruin the game…

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yeah i was totally trolling xD

i know, i am a Classic player, theres nothing worst then people who ‘‘pre-pop’’ seals.

Opening seals on leeches who don’t know whats going on is fun.


I prefer to pop seals before clearing as it creates a denser pack for my blizzard, or more corpse explosion targets when playing necro


On the rare occasion that I am in a game with a bot doing the Chaos Sanctuary I like to poke the seals simply because the bot likes to admonish me, “leave the seals alone!”. Hmm, nah.