A Small Idea With Huge Impact

Bind runes on the account the character picks them up on.

Bind rune words to accounts they are made on.

Bind the torches and anni to the account the character first picked them up on.

I don’t think that could easily be done without a major code rewrite.

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That would kill trading which is a core feature of the game. Extremely stupid idea that will destroy multi-player. It’s a cure that is worse than the original problem.


Have to agree, that’s literally the approach that D3 used. And that game is a dumpster fire that should just be thrown right into a volcano…

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Maybe in a remaster or a remake!

No it wouldn’t, it would just prevent your ability to lie to yourself about how good you really are at this game.

Not even close. It’s just runes. I know you’re good enough to play at the highest level without the need for rune trading. In fact, I bet you’d crush your peers every ladder because they’d have to learn how to find their own runes, which they are likely useless without.

I wouldn’t get too hyped up about that happening…

I’d rather not expect it and be surprised if it does come out instead of expecting it and being continuously disappointed with the endless waiting.

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Also, Blizz, when you do remaster D2, don’t allow preexisting accounts and characters to be accessed from the remaster. Make completely new bnet realms for the remaster.