A Pandaren Chili Cookoff as an expansion for the Monk Class

Based of the PVP brawl of the faction chili cook off in Pandaria and the fact that pandarens just can’t get enough of cooking delicious food and brew, it would be a waste opportunity not to make an expansion of a cooking tournament or competition of some kind, by the time Bilzzard is finally ready to release the monk class. Hosted by none other then chef Nomi and judged by the ever wise and hungry August Celestials, all of the different races of Pandaria, the Horde and the Alliance would be invited to compete and all of the classes especially for those that use fire spells would cook all sorts of dishes and brews with quest cards and to make it even more interesting, each class will use a specific type of marshal art to cook their food and drink. Except, the enemies of the people of Pandaria are trying to sabotage the contest to prove that they are the better cooks, even though they cheat. So, Put on your black belt, your chef’s hat and take out your rolling pin and your lucky frying pan that has been passed down by your family for generations and show these trouble makers that Cheaters never prosper!!!