A Green Curse! (Diablo 2 Resurrected)

Hey guys.

I hate to sound paranoid but there is definitely something NOT RIGHT about the loots dropped. I have a sorc with a max Magic Find of 540+, and i have been farming Duriel along with several other bosses like Andy and Meph. Thing started to go wrong last Saturday. I have been getting Green Amulets since that day. Sure, one can get green amulets from time to time, but 20+ green amulets on end within 3 days? Nah, that smells wrong, all wrong! I also tried lowering my MF to somewhere between 200 and 400, but that didn’t seem to lift the green curse at all. I can’t help feeling that my drops have been “rigged” somehow and the highest quality of Amulet has been set to “Green”. I consider this a real problem instead of a “Luck” issue. Please, guys, check it. I do look forward to the good news from u.

you are not alone. I have not gotten crap since the last update. i think the loot table is messed up . i have over 500 and i was getting stuff at a good clip and now nothing but yellow and blues and low runes running hell bosses .