A few propositions for polishing the game

I would like to propose few changes and hope most people would agree.
First of all, the final boss Durgu at the side quest ‘Fear Thy Neighbours’ at Stormhold should be a bit weakened. The boss kills all my 3 chars wich do Hellyquarry bosses at H7/H8 difficulty with no problems.
Secondly, I propose at Shadows daily quests wich demand sneaking remaining unseen - the Necromancer pets to be made invisible to Immortal guards. That way we necromancers dont have to change skills, builds etc especially for these quests - The Rednotch Blade, Clarity Bane.
Third and most important - I propose Blizzard to make a possible reward for Bounties - A five star Legendary Gem, yes guys - a 5 ***** Legendary Gem with a very low chance to get , and yet possible to win. Think about it.

Then the Bug Report forum is the wrong place to do so…

Please provide suggestions or feedback on the Diablo Immortal Sub-Reddit (only in English).

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