A concerned Warcraft 3 player

Dear blizzard,

Are you sure that remaking diablo 2 is the way to go? After you proved so valiantly that you do not have the patience to actually put the required time into the game. I am extremely skeptical that you guys will virtually ruin the game which is already a masterpiece other than a few bugs when running it on new PCs. Have you sincerely ran out of new ideas for games and story arcs that you have to go back and pinch pennies off your classic playerbase. I personally am not impressed with the graphics featured in the trailer. They look almost exactly like diablo 3’s creep models and I did not enjoy diablo 3 at all. So to you classic blizzard employees left (I know there aren’t that many of you there anymore) why continue to drudge on for a company that obviously doesn’t care about the quality of the content that it pushes out. And to the people out there why continue to support a company that does not care about their consumers.


i do not support them.

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Hey FlamingProph,

Since this is not related to technical support for D2, you’ll want to post this in the Diablo 2 discussion forum. The General Discussion can be found here.