90 day transfer cooldown

My Horde toon was on a server wiyh 99% alliance. I couldnt get any group quests done so I transferred to a more balanced server. I found groups and gor IRL friends to go there but when we hit 70 We couldnt get into any groups or guilds to run content because of out gear. My IRL friend found us a guild that we could run with on another server and he transfered. I tried and found out the hard way there is a 90 day transfer cooldown. This is extremely excessive. Now I cant transfer and play with my IRL friend and he cant return to play with me either. Theis 90 days is way too excessive and now its preventing me from playing a game that I pay for. Its time to change or get rid of this cooldown as it hampers peoples ability to play the game which is why we pay a subscription.