8man Speed Runs On Weekends

I’m Looking for players who would be interested in joining “8 player HC speed runs”. basically, we pretend its ladder reset and move very fast thought norm, lvl 1 to 26 in about 1.5hours( which may last longer if we are on a roll and want to keep going into NM and HELL) we’ll try to do 1 run per week on weekends. we have a few players that are interested but need a few more… I’m hoping to get at least 12 players in the discord so that we can be reasonably confident 8 players will show up on time for these weekly runs.

I’ll send the discord link to anyone that is interested in maybe joining in on a run.
once a week a date & time will be set for the next run ( mostly weekend nights )
the run will last a minimum of 1hour.
players are welcome to PvP ( with only items found during the game ) once the run is done.
some runs might be more serious, requiring more time commitment and “locking in” your spot, but for now, we’ll do “casual” speed runs open to anyone willing to take part.
all runs are done on HC East, we welcome softcore players, in the hopes of converting them to HC.

Post questions below or DM for discord link.

I’m down my acc on Diablo 2 is voidx and I’m on discord

ops didn’t check this post.
here’s the discord link. join it and say your here for the 8man runs
https discord.gg/fHJfSHB