7 Days no one has looked at my ticket but a bot

and i’m the one being accused here.
I’ve had my blizzard account 15 years, decided to fish for squid for a couple weeks on and off and stockpile it knowing that the season was going to end, i assume i ended up mass reported and got perma-banned with no recourse. I wish a real person would look at my ticket. The fact that i can be banned for merely fishing too much is absurd i was spending like 15gold a run on lures to make sure i had a good catch rate, i’m 35 years old and have no reason to cheat in a videogame let alone a SEASONAL server that is probably going to be deleted at the end. I’m asking for your help blizzard, i’ve got half a dozen friends who were doing the same thing enjoying the rest of their time on Wow and saw countless others out there longer then i was.

The only way to appeal an account action is through a ticket. The response you get is going to be a template either upholding it, or overturning it.

Blizzard does not allow any automation of gameplay in any way. That is what they would have penalized, not just you playing a long time.

If you still feel it was an error you can appeal again.

If you have further questions about the support process, or policies, you can ask on the WoW Customer Support forum. It serves as an Information Desk to help folks navigate the support system, explain policy, explain services, etc. It is not a means around the appeal system though.

I have appealed again and it’s almost been a week. How can i prove i didn’t automate anything? I literally used a macro to put my lures on in the game using the built in macro scripting and used and the better fishing addon.

You can try adding that info to your ticket. Usually you are safe if you use ONLY the in-game macro tool, and the standard addons. Usually if an addon breaks the rules, Blizz disables it. In rare cases the user can do things with otherwise reasonable addons - like use one to spam something. Addon is ok, but spam is not for example.

Keep in mind, they only thing Blizzard accepts for logs is their own data server side.

Do not give money to Activision. They are one of the worst companies out there. Blizzard devs that you knew back in the day were replaced by people who care only about profits.


I’m starting to think you’re right sir. I received another automated response

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You received a template answer after someone looked at your account to see if it was flagged as engaged in automated activity or other cheating. That is not a bot, but it is a formatted answer. If it was a bot you would have gotten an instant answer, not wait for several days.

You definately don’t know what you are talking about. I wonder why are you even replying. The first answer is what everyone gets , have a look at the complains of the customer support forum and you will yourself realize that they only use bots for >24h response. If you dedicate enough time re-opening the ticket you MIGHT have a chance to talk to a human being . It makes no sense for a real human to read your appeal and then use an automated answer that is starting with “Bllizz Support” and ending with

Game Master Team
Blizzard Entertainment”
This is an automated answer with no actual value or information as to why the player gets banned.

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Spamming the forum with complaints will do nothing for your appeal. Appeals are only handled via tickets. See my other response to you if you want an actual answer from Blizzard.

Head to the Customer Support forum for WoW. There are no GMs there, but it does serve as an Information Desk to help guide folks through support, answer policy questions, etc. You might even get a hint as to what you said that was penalized. Note, it is your second penalty on the account since 2016. Your first would have been a Silence that you might not have cared about.