60 Crests No 5 Star Gem

Dear Sir or Madam,

I was told by support to post here as they can’t or won’t help me. I ran over 50 orange crests and quite a few purple chests totaling around 60+ crests and nearly all gems were one star, and a few were two star. It is my understanding that there is a pity timer that is around 47 crests guarantee a five star gem of at least 2/5 quality. Any idea why this happened to me? Who should I contact as support blew me off to go rant on forums!

I recommend not spending anything on this game. The drop rate and system reliability keeps going between good and scam like every update. They’re going to end up in a class action lawsuit over this stuff.

Same thing happened to me recently. Opened ticket. Told it was rng. 70+ no drops.