6 piece Sheperd Set Bonus bugged

It currently provides the attack speed buff but isn’t applying the damage buff to your summons as stated on the tooltip.


Same bug for me as well. No damage boost as stated.

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Blizzard is unlikely to fix anything that majorly affects necromancer anyways, they are still yet to fix the issues and incompatibility with Seeping bile and Blood Soaked jade not working at all on minions despite all other gems with same text or effects working on the minions but the difference is that those are all 1 and 2 star gems.

Mine set all of a sudden isint showing the 6 piece set bonus and the frenzy isint procking anympre

Patch said:

  • The tooltip for the Shepherd’s Call to Wolves six-piece bonus tooltip has been updated to reflect both increased damage and attack speed, rather than only attack speed.

Bug: Took tip still says speed only and there is no damage buff.

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Came here for this same reason. The set USE TO say it gave a 100% speed and dmg buff in the frenzy state then that went down to 60% and now the description JUST SAYS speed. I checked the patch notes, too, and they say it was updated to reflect both but it still only says speed. Are the summons getting an attack AND dmg buff? Do I even need to bother grinding out better set pieces?? Help. :frowning:

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