5/5 star gem auction house issue

The 5/5 star blessing of the worthy gem i received using the new legendaru crest obtainable via the warnamd raid voucher and 1600 platinum, cannot be sold or listed at another value other then max price 640,000 platinum and min orice 320,000 platinum. There are no other options selectable for price listing other then the 2 previously mentioned. And while understandable that the gem might not sell for the max price i am certainly not going to sell for the minimum asnits value exceeds that amount. Other 5/5 legendary gems are listed for orices that vary from the min/max suggesting that this is a bug affecting certain legendary gems and not all of them


Bump - same issue with 4 star chip of stoned flesh - it only sells for 320k > 240k > 160k

The first time I tried to sell it, the prices were normal. When I relisted it, it defaulted to max price only.

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