4K+ Queue US East Ladder

Fix this or Stop taking peoples money to play…


Turn on warden and ban the cheaters!

Yo BLUES, A bit of transparency would be nice. We are loyal fanbase that wants to unwind and play after a long day… Especially given our current times. We just want to know what is going on! What changed this ladder that ISN’T working that ya’ll can roll back. Right now it isn’t playable… If this was to curb bots, You failed and are only hurting your legit fanbase. Whatever the case just let us know!! Neglecting us is not the way to handle paying fans.

There is only 1% of the players that are legit that don’t use map hack or robots or third-party websites like D2jsp Let’s face it battle net is nothing but a cesspool of cheaters

Let em cheat or do w/e I dont care. Right now you cant make a public game with out bots entering and team running the game. They changed something during this last ladder reset and its not working. People are still paying to play. I saw alot of legit returning players at the beginning. This has done nothing but run them out. If they are collecting money for their product still they have a responsibility to make it work. Otherwise open source it to the community and WE WILL!

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I rebought the game from Blizz in June. 3rd time I have paid for it over the past 20 years. Which I dont mind, as I thoroughly enjoy playing it and dont mind coughing up money for something that I spend that many hours playing. If they are going to continue to sell the game, then they should at least fix server issues. I am not asking for updates, or expansions, or new in game stuff. If you are going to keep selling it, they should have an obligation for maintenance.

if you can`t fight against them, you should work with them…

i used to play a lot … 15 years ago… that time has not bots… and was a pain in the *** for finding stuff or getting the char upped…

im my opnion… should had a cheap season pass for each cd key… and make a different for players and workers(bot)… so, if some1 want to run bots, it would have to pay a special license, different from the regular players…

that payment should be abble to keep servers update…

i dont mind paying… 5 or 10 if i could have a good moment playing this…

this is just pathetic and blizzard literally does not give a single fk. it took me 2 months to get help/answer about my ipban/the problem. they’re purposely not answering/caring so that all their junk new games get more attention and hype.

95 expansions for WoW since coming out, but cant even get classic battle.net working after 20 years. what does that tell you about the team that was hired? incompetent, clearly.

Get AdrianL back, since he helped create Battle.net. Get people who actually know what they’re doing and not a bunch of kids that don’t actually play classic games and never have, and clearly have absolutely no clue what they’re even doing.

“oh we fixed this, and did that - just to create 95 other problems. problems we wont respond to when you post about them” – how busy is the classic forum and y’all cant even respond to something after 6 days?

If your job is the relay between devs and the community here — and your job role is to communicate with the COMMUNITY, and you don’t actually develop anything – THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Why do you have this job if you don’t respond to anyone? So you don’t do development, you don’t do tech support, all you do is post a bunch of nonsense that doesn’t ever help anyone. What is the actual point of your job roles? To piss off the entire community and make everyone hate money-grabdivision more than they already do?

I can’t believe Blizzard was my inspiration for doing 3d/special effects animation my self. Nothing about Blizzard inspires me anymore. It’s just like all the others. Garbage.

You have a job because we buy your products and support this garbage company. Try actually doing what you’re hired to do.


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