404 on some profession endpoints

When fetching profession details ( /data/wow/profession/{profession_id}) I am finding 404 responses for some documents that would previously work. It seems to be somewhat consistent with professions fail (but not always, sometimes they will switch around). The same code fetches profession details for all professions.

const profession_detail_uri = `/data/wow/profession/${profession_id}`;
        const result = <BlizzardApi.Profession>await getBlizzardAPIResponse(region, {
            'namespace': 'static-us',
            'locale': 'en_US'


const api_response = await got(`https://${region_code}.${base_uri}${uri}`, {
                responseType: 'json',
                method: 'GET',
                headers: {
                    'Connection': 'keep-alive',
                    'Authorization': `Bearer ${(await api_auth.getAuthorizationToken(region_code)).access_token}`
                searchParams: data,
                retry: 2

As of yesterday it now fails on profession 182 with url: h…s://us.api.blizzard.com/data/wow/profession/182

Checking the API help page I can enter 182 as the profession number and get a response.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue or have a workaround?