4 pc Detested not working with any control skill

Have tried multiple builds and all of my control skills and detested curse skill is not working on my sader. Tried 2pc and 4pc. Worked just fine before update 4/26/23

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4 piece Detested not working on Necro builds as well. Previous summons activate detested , now with control skills it no longer works and using skill that cause lost of control also do not activate detested

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Hi all that’s duplicated report, please read

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Well just found out for sader it’s working on my horse. I’m not a Necro. Horse is a damage skill. Not control.

It isn’t working on my sader when using the shieldswathe pants even though it claims to be a control skill. There is no associated dmg, so my guess is that would be the problem.

This exact same thing is happening with my necro… :pensive:

I am playing a necro and it seems to be activating randomly while spamming bone spear. However i seen it activate just from the ticks of my dots

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