4 Ideas to make the game more fun!

I’m going to give ideas how to make the game more fun. Enjoy <3

1~Mount Crystal currency! And hear me out on this one, One could make 1 Mount Crystal currency drop off of a mythic 15+ or higher end of run loot box or from a Rated Battle ground win, and having a vendor in the Major city to spend the mount shards. Make them a reasonable but decent amount of crystals requirement, say 50 or 100 shards, and maybe 250 for a super rare type mount. Excluding Mounts obtained from Achievements. Reason why: To many times I have asked friends to play and they say “sorry farming such and such a mount”. This way mount farmers will still have their farm as an option but wont find themselves just sitting at a spawn point as an only option of how to obtain the mount they are wanting. Reason why: It will bring some of the community that loves mounts into 5man gameplay and PvP content whichever they enjoy more instead of just standing around as the only option to get a mount they seek. Side bonus: This would also lower que times as more people would be playing the given content.

2~Make Gold Challenge Mode Armor from Mist of Pandaria available account wide to those that have the achievement. Reason why: Having Gold Challenge Mode Achievement from Warlords of Draenor makes all the weapons available for all of ones alts, why not the Armor from Mist of Pandaria to? It would be so FUN and exciting! to be able to have the armor to, it just makes sense. It would feel like a fair and exciting change, transmog is a really Fun part of wow and bring back some old gamers that put in the effort during Mists of Pandaria.

3~Make Rate Battle Ground Titles account wide: Reason why, Gladiator is account wide most of us are not Gladiators but have worked hard to get a RBG title but can’t even show it on alts. Reason why: It would seem fair to let us show our Rated Battleground titles, and it is Fun to show them.

4~More Cool New Toys! One’ of the most fun things about wow is actually the cosmetic toys. Example Mylune’s Call, Simian sphere, Blazing Wings (especially). Cosmetic Toys are tons of fun. One can make them Class or Spec specific example: Thaumaturgist’s Orb for priests it has a short cooldown, doesn’t impact gameplay but it really gives that feeling of immersive class play of “I’m a Holy priest ready to heal with my ball of light floating around me!” Reason why: It’s Fun And the creativity behind what kind of cosmetic toys one could make is seemingly endless ! :slight_smile:

I really hope someone hears my voice, I think these ideas are fun and would not impact balance of the game. Thank you for your time.

muito bom vou seguir a sua orientação!!!

Off topic, but the forum is messy and i have no idea how to post. So what i would like to do, is tell the blizzard team to do something about “Gherus the Chained” for tanks. The fight has absolutely nothing to do with skill. Its nothing more than a dps race which is stupid and should not be a thing in WoW at all. Was having a great time doing the tower, got all the way up to like 12 and this stupid boss fight pops up. Now I cannot do anything else in the tower and I wasted a good 30 mins doing the tower only to find out there is an impossible boss to beat. Stupid and makes me want to quit the game honestly. Why in the world would you put that into the game??? Please explain how the holy hell a tank is suppose to dps a boss with over 800k hp in under 4mins. Because its impossible. Even if you use all your cool downs, interrupt all his fazing you will still lose. Its incredibly stupid.