3rd party apps not able to access my account

Any app or add-on that try to access my blizzard account will not work. I use Raiderio and dps-sim-bot in discord which uses raidbots. Raiderio does have access to my account but can not access and character(s) detail. sim-bot says it can’t find the character(s). This was working in the pass. I have done a lot of TS from my side. It has something to do with access the info on my account.

Feel free to contact me if you like to TS or want more details.

Hi Craven,

Have you enabled the privacy settings on your account which limit access by third parties? Please ensure that these privacy settings are disabled if you wish to share your data with third party sites and services.

Thanks that was it. Not sure how that even got changed I didn’t even know about the setting.

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