30 Year Celebration Collection: PC + Console?

My question is if I already purchased the Epic Pack for PC, do I also need to purchase a collection for my linked Xbox Live account?

I’ve already been granted some of the goodies in that collection for my Xbox edition of Overwatch (Raynhardt skin plus the loot boxes) but I see no way to access the Blizzard Arcade Collection for console that I can tell.

Does anyone know the lowdown on this?


Curious to the same. If you purchase the celebration collection, do we get the ability to install the Arcade Collection on consoles or is it PC only?


Unfortunately, the Arcade Collection that is included in the Epic Packs are PC only. The console version must be purchased separately. It would be nice if Blizzard offered it as a 1-time redeamable voucher option in the e-mail receipt after purchase, allowing everyone to choose the platform of their choice.