24hour ticket reply? what a joke

opened a ticket for support cuz my d2r account got banned for no reason, never cheated, never exploited. assuming its a false positive cause this has happened to a number of other people on d2r classic ladder community (already a small community to begin with and now this).

anyways when i opened the ticket and it said estimated response time 24hours. now im basically on my 9th day of waiting with no reply. this is beyond ridiculous as i just want to get this sorted so i can play again

classic d2r requires you do alot of runs to get to a high level, fast run 1-1.5 minute long cuz the XP u get is lower then LoD. I was #1 paladin and #4 overall now, i invested so much time into getting ths high on ladder, and now i am just watching others pass me and get closer to passing me. so dumb to do this to a long time paying and supporting customer. ive been a d2 fan for 16+ years and always buy multiple accounts. and this is what i get for PLAYING THE GAME AS INTENDED…

ridiculous, do better blizzard