__+__20 Years__+__

Why create delays for joining and leaving games on a dead game that was designed for dial up?

Legit players get r/d and cant find items, while bots use perfect timing to get around your “restrictions” designed to stop the bots, but actually destroys the gameplay experience for legit players.

I’m not even going to get into why D2 Classic players suffer the most with their need for fast/short games.

Then you add restrictions to in game chats to stop the spam bots, but now we can’t conversations in game and have to talk with !cmd like idiots because you can’t find a better solution.

Remove these stupid delays, let people play this amazing game without having to worry about getting kicked

Please make this game playable without restrictions so I can enjoy the game again!


i agree. stop ruining diablo 2. don’t be mad that no one plays cartoon trash zoomedout WoW diablo 3 and it just got slashed to 9.99 cuz its so bad :frowning: but stop punishing d2 community for it.


Can’t ruin what’s already dead

yeah its SoooOOOooOoo dead that hundreds of people are here complaining about it. go away.

I learned a long time ago that buzzard wont reply to these posts they claim the delays and restrictions are to stop servers crashing

There Are 30 Of You Max

True, blizzard need to step it up.