20 years of Diablo 2 Anniversary

Could we expect some tweaks ? Which QoL or thing do you guys wish for d2 20th anivversary ?

  • Make a quest to double the stamina bar.
  • Make potion to stack until 10 units. (it is already in game for the various poison and exploding potions, so might not be too hard to implement).
    or - Make a quest repeatable 3x to increase one belt potion max cap line. (Different levels required to do it - add a max cap line for all belts).
  • Make charm inventory (one copy from our inventory but just can be placed charms and charms must be there to take effect).

Not sure what they can do but I’d rather have Diablo 2 updates than this dumb looking Diablo 4.

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:rofl:you people still think thay can do something with a blizzard north game

I would love to see a new expansion since they say its impossible to remaster. But if nothing else how about a legitimate ladder season for the 20 year anniversary with no bots

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Thay can’t do anything with a blizzard north game rip d2