100% Price Increase Shock To Call Of Duty Fans In Turkey!

Hello, I live in Turkey. My English is very bad, I hope you can understand me. As you know, there is a very serious economic fluctuation in Turkey. For this reason, Activison company makes local pricing for Turkey both in the steam store, playstation store, microsoft store and in its own store. Interestingly, however, today the PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) has doubled its price in steam and blitzard stores, but the old prices are still available in console stores. The loyal computer version of the Call Of Duty fan base living in Turkey is very aggrieved and is waiting for the price error to be corrected. These prices are very very expensive for our country. What is the reason for this glitch? In other words, while the first prices are still valid in console stores, the price of the game on the computer side has doubled. There is a 100% raise. This is not a very high and acceptable figure. Please reconsider the pricing policy for Turkish PC players. Hundreds of people were victims of the game just before it was released and going to pre-order. Because most people in Turkey receive their salary on the first day of the month. While everyone was waiting to order Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II - Vault Edition from 799 TL on the first day of the month, the price increased to 1,499 TL. This is not fair at all. A 100% raise is unacceptable anywhere in the world. Please consider the economic situation of the countries. I hope you will consider this call. Actually, thousands of Turkish players want to write to you, but it is very difficult to open a support request. They don’t know how to open it. I am sending this request by following a different route… Thanks for your interest…

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+1 totally and definitely agree!